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Jose Manuel Abraham Marquez Vega

(1968), better known as Willie

Márquez is an artist from Jerez who has

produced most of his work between

his hometown, Ibiza and Madrid. From

2019 resides in Arcos de la Frontera

(Cádiz) where he has his home-studio, 

WM Art House where various collaborations with  other artistic disciplines.

Márquez is an artist with a great

creative concern that has led him to

explore disciplines such as painting,

sculpture, video, photography, jewelry

and fashion or design.

He has collaborated with firms such as

Svarowski, Osborne, Cookplay, Pacha,

Timberland, Majoral or Hugo Boss, and with

artists like Josemi Carmona, Pepe

Bean, Antonio Vega, Ketama, Girl

Pastori, Tomasito or Dave Holland.

In 2020 Willie Márquez celebrated his 25

years of career as a creator. live today

  a stage of maturity in his work,

where he explores, in a freer way,

his plastic interests and his most

intimate. It is progressively heading towards

the essential, to a purity and a logic

increasingly own and personal where the

enjoyment and free play become what


In 2022 Márquez begins an international projection of his work, based on collaboration with foundations and international art fairs.

Featured biography

2023 - Individual Exhibition - María Porto Gallery. Madrid.

2023 - Exposition  permanent - Clasic Músic Floor  - Hotel U-Music. Madrid.
2022 - "Can Art" Art Fair. Individual Exhibition “Between Heaven and Earth” – Hotel Xereca. Ibiza.
2022 - Individual Exhibition “Calligraphy of the soul” Pescadería Vieja. Jerez de la Frontera.
2022 - “Organicosmico” Individual Exhibition – Durán Monky Gallery. Madrid.
2021 - Stamp Fair. Casa de Indias Foundation and Osborne Foundation. Madrid
2021 - Urbanity Fair. Mono Durán Gallery. Madrid.
2021 - "Pinches of the soul". Osborne Foundation. Santa Maria Port.
2019 - Individual Exhibition “Self-portraits”. Ibiza Daily Club. Ibiza.
2018 - "I write to you." Andalusian Center of Letters. Malaga.
2016 - "Gender neutral". Permanent installation La Nave de las Salinas de Lio Malca. Ibiza.
2016 - Toro Gallery. Writing bull. Performance with Tomasito at the opening ceremony. Santa Puerto María. Cadiz.
2014 - Xavier Mascaró and Willie Márquez. Magazine 7. Andorra.
2014 - Swarovski Osborne Bull, Linares Palace, Casa de América. Madrid.
2004 - "Letters". Hugo Boss Award Program in collaboration with the Guggenheim Foundation. Madrid.

Collaboration with brands: Swarovki, Osborne, Stolichnaya Hugo Boss, Callahan, Timberland, Cookplay, Majoral, Manu Fernández, Carpe Diem.


Hotels: U-Music Hotel Madrid, Nobu Ibiza, S'Afragell, Sud Ibiza Suites, Xereca, Pacha Ibiza, El Destino, Hoel Bahía del Duque.

Collaboration with artists: Dave Holland, Josemi Carmona, Pepe Habichuela, Ketama, Tomasito, Navajita Plateá, Niña Pastori, Helium-3, Jesús Castilla, Curro Carrasco y Sorderita, Antonio Vega.

Full Exhibitions




Collective exhibition - Ars Picturae - 40 years Diario de Jerez - Claustros de Santo Domingo - Jerez de la Frontera. Individual exhibition - WM Art House - Arcos de la Frontera.

Permanent installation - BiWack - Bilbao.

Sculpture installation "Threads of Iron" - Sebastián Castella Garden - Seville



Solo Exhibition - Omorfia Art Gallery - Cádiz (scheduled September).

Collective exhibition - Omorfia Art Gallery - Cádiz (scheduled in May).

Sculpture Award - "Corregidor and the Molinera" - Arcos de la Frontera.

Solo Exhibition - María Porto - Gallery. Madrid.

Exposition  permanent - Classical Music Floor - Hotel U-Music. Madrid.

Solo Exhibition "Willie Márquez" -Hotel Ercilla - Bilbao.


Collective exhibition "En ello estamos" ArteaDiario - Diario de Jerez. Jerez de la Frontera.

Solo Exhibition  "Entre el Cielo y el Suelo". Can Art - Hotel Xereca. Ibiza.

Solo Exhibition "Caligrafía del alma" Pescadería Vieja. Jerez de la Frontera.

Collective exhibition  "Ucrania - Time To walk". Gallery David Bardía - Madrid

Solo Exhibition Organicocösmico - Duran Monkey Gallery. Madrid.


" Estampa Fair. Duran  monkey  gallery . Madrid.

Solo Exhibition  "Pellzicos del alma." Osborne Foundation. Puerto de Santa Maria.

"Intramuros" festival poster. Jerez de la Frontera.

Artistic performance with Curro Carrasco. Jerez de la Frontera.

Artistic performance "A thousand pieces of my art". Jerez de la Frontera.

Music video  Jesus Castilla. Arcos de la Frontera.


Exposition  permanent. WM Art House. Arcos de la Frontera.

Short film "Unknowns". Jon Anderson  Fika- Arcos de la Frontera-Madrid.

Installation "Iron threads" in Botanical space, Arcos de la Frontera.

“Iron threads” installation in Carbones 13, Tarifa.

Festival poster "Intramuros" Jerez de la Frontera.


"Self-portraits". Ibiza Daily Club. Ibiza.   

Exposition  Hotel S'Afragell. Ibiza.

Conta Wines Project . Valencia.

Cookplay art design by Willie Marquez. Bilbao.


"Filferro". Sculpture exhibition and jewel presentation. Majoral. Ibiza.  

"I write to you". Ibiza Daily Club. Ibiza.

  "I write to you". Andalusian Center of Letters. Malaga.

Christmas lights installation. Ibiza Town Hall.

Jewel design for Majoral. Ibiza.


“Unlearn to write”. Pasha Hotel. Ibiza.

“Calligraphic projections by Osborne” Hotel Nobu. Ibiza.

Permanent exhibition. Nobu Hotel. Ibiza.

 Video-art. "Flamenco Nights with Josemi Carmona". Destination Hotel. Ibiza.

Video art Pepe Habichuela for the tribute 60 years of guitar.  Price Theatre. Madrid.


"Write". Pasha Hotel. Ibiza. 

“Neutral gender”.Installation La Nave de las Salinas by Lio Malca. Ibiza.

Visionica`16. Pasha Hotel. Ibiza.

A drop in the ocean. Gallery P.Art. Ibiza.

International meeting of Mediterranean art. Col lectiu Mediterrani. It's Powder. Ibiza.

Permanent exhibition. South Ibiza Suites. Ibiza

Bull Gallery. Performance with Tomasito at the opening ceremony. Port of Santa Maria. Cadiz.



“Iron threads”. Video-art. Rob Loren. Oviedo.

Open day. Toromar House-Studio. Ses Salines Natural Park. Ibiza.


Xavier Mascaro and Willie Marquez. 7Magazine. Andorra.

Cala Conta 33. The Clover Investment. Ibiza.

"Zooland". P-Art Gallery. Ibiza.


Osborne Bull by Swarovksi, Palacio de Linares, Casa de América. Madrid.

Collection T-shirt art. Mujda Design. Ibiza.


Permanent exhibition. 2nd Ship. Ibiza.


"It is true". W7B12. Ibiza.

21st century art. Bullit de Blau Gallery. Ibiza.

Furniture collection with Álvaro González de la Fuente. W7B12. Ibiza.


Exhibition "Interferences". The Ses Salines Stone Garage. Ibiza.


"Don't change the weather, change you." Pasha Hotel. Ibiza.


Hugo BOSS store Lisbon.

Permanent exhibition in Villa Roca. Ibiza.


Hugo BOSS store El Borne, Barcelona.

Public gardens of the Almudena. Madrid.

Ibiza Love Water. Bottle design. Presentation at Hotel Pacha. Ibiza.

Casa Decor '05, OTO Space for the ONCE Foundation, Madrid.


Art Gallery: Espacio Guides. Madrid.

Hugo BOSS headquarters, C/ Alfonso XII, Madrid

Hugo BOSS Goya store, Madrid.

Margot Viarnes Art and Interior Design Space. Barcelona.

Study 'Living Art'. Ibiza.

Activate you '04. 'Children of the world'. Barcelona.

Madrid '04 edition. (Contemporary Art Fair) “corporeal project: cube”. Madrid.

"Artists against cancer". Hotel Pacha. Ibiza.

"Letters". Hugo Boss Prize Program in collaboration with the Guggenheim Foundation.  Madrid.

Permanent exhibition in the DeRRe interior design space. Madrid.

Permanent work in the Tower Gym space of Torre Picasso. Madrid.

Casa Decor '04, Willie Márquez Space. Madrid.

Design of the disc-DVD and decorations of recording and tour for the album

“There is no bad fifth” by Niña Pastori.


"Letters". Hotel Pacha. Ibiza.

Traveling exhibition "Stains". Sherry. Cadiz.

Presentation "Stains" in the OTO Space. Madrid.

Temporary exhibition at the Espacio Borja Azcárate. Madrid.

Presentation of work in the Gunni Space. Madrid.

House Decor '03. Madrid.

“Yellow Boot”. Collaboration with Timberland on the 30th Anniversary of the brand,

together with other international artists. Madrid.

Illustration for the album "Konfusion" of the group Ketama. Madrid


General Electric showroom. Frankfurt. Germany.

"Sa Nostra" Foundation. Ibiza.

Study 'Living Art' in collaboration with the artist Rafael Amargo. Ibiza.

Van der Vort Gallery. Art Supermarket. Ibiza.


Exhibition at the Jazz Cafe. Valencia.


Sa Nostra Cultural Hall. Ibiza.

Alhadros Gallery. Art Supermarket. Ibiza.

L'Spiral Gallery. Exhibition 'End of the Millennium'. Ibiza.


Isabel Tabares Exhibition. Madrid.

Alhadros Gallery. Art Supermarket. Ibiza.


Alhadros Gallery. Ibiza.

Marta Torres Gallery. Ibiza.

King's Rod Space. Ibiza.

Arc '98. Carmen Street Gallery. Madrid.


Marta Torres Gallery. Ibiza

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